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ARAA-Otrada  Presidents
Marena P. Maltsev
2018 to Present

Marena Pavlovna was born in the United States, daughter of Paul Alexandrovich Koorbanoff and Helen Borisovna (nee. Svertchkoff).  Mrs. Maltsev attended the University of Maryland College of Business and Management and was awarded a Bachelors of Science degree majoring in Marketing.  Upon graduation, she worked in the telecommunications and information reference fields, married, and raised two wonderful daughters alongside her husband, Boris Viacheslavovich Maltsev. 


Mrs. Maltsev has a long history of volunteering to include supporting Russian Schools, Scouting Organizations (Russian and Girl Scouts), Russian Dance Ensembles, Secondary School Theatre, Music and Robotics Clubs, and most importantly, the Russian Orthodox Church where she organized (and continues to aid in) numerous fundraisers and outreach programs.  In 2015, Mrs. Maltsev joined ARAA-Otrada where she has held several leadership positions such as the head of the Ladies Committee / St Elizabeth Fund, Chair of the Belosselsky Fund, and currently serves as its President.  Under her oversight,  ARAA-Otrada has seen a revitalization to its Cultural Center and an expansion of ARAA-Otrada’s Charitable giving.  

Dr. Nikita S Tregubov
2013 - 2018

Nikita Sergeiivich was born in Yugoslavia to Dr Sergei Semenovich Tregubov and Alexandra Alekseevna (nee. Princess Meshcherskaya) and emigrated to the United States in 1951.  Shortly afterwards, Dr. Tregubov joined the US Army, began studying medicine and became a Medical Doctor in 1961.  In 1971 he married his childhood sweetheart Maria Kirilovna (nee. Neklyudova) and raised two children.  Dr. Tregubov continued to serve his country as a Medical Doctor in the US Army and retired at the rank of Colonel in 1984; he was awarded the Legion Of Merit in recognition of his meritorious service.  Dr. Tregubov then entered private practice in Alexandria, Virginia where he was active in his local Church and was instrumental in the establishment of the Russian Cultural Center in the Russian Embassy.  


In 2001, Dr. Tregubov retired and moved to Florida but remained active in the Russian community and, as the President of the Russian American Club,  organized cultural activities and book drives for “Books for Russia”.  In 2009, Dr. Tregubov moved to New York to be closer to family, became a member of ARAA-Otrada and was elected its President in 2013.  Under Dr. Tregubov’s leadership, ARAA-Otrada organized numerous humanitarian campaigns and cultural events, donated funds to needy organizations and the Church, and expanded the membership.  He remains a member of ARAA-Otrada and a trusted counsel to the Board. 

George Nikolsky
2006 - 2013

Biography under development...

Dr. Nikolaus Zarudsky
2000 - 2006

Nikolai Mikhailovich was born in Yugoslavia in 1923 to Mikhail Aleksandrovich, an engineer and officer in the White Army, and Nina Nikolaevna (nee. Volodkevich) the daughter of a Russian landowner and educator.  Dr. Zarudsky graduated with honors from the Russo-Serbian Gimnaziya (secondary school) in Belgrade where his education instilled in him a deep love for the Russian Orthodox Church and culture; he then studied medicine in Vienna and Munich.  He emigrated to the United States where he married Irina Arzimowitsch, the daughter of Russian immigrants from Kharkov and together they raised two daughters.  In 1965, Dr Zarudky opened the first pediatric psychiatry practice in Bergen County, NJ and for 40 years served the neediest of young patients and their families.


Throughout his life, Dr. Zarudsky passionately worked to preserve his ancestral Russian culture and traditions for future generations: in Germany he founded the Russian Students Organization (1946-1955) which helped emigre and refugee students complete their higher education; in the United States, he was an active member of the (youth organization) Association of Russian Explorers (camp NORR); and was one of the founding members, and later elected President, of Otrada.  Under his leadership, Otrada merged with the American Russian Aid Association (2000) and he continued as President of the new organization until 2006.  Dr. Zarudsky passed away in 2013. 

Pr. Sergei Belosselsky
1946 Founding President
American Russian Aid Association 

Sergei Sergeievich, a direct descendant of the ancient and noble princely family Belosselsky-Belozersky, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1895, the oldest son of Prince Sergei Konstantinovich Belosselsky-Belozersky, and Susan Whittier of Boston, Massachusetts.  Prince Belosselsky graduated from the Page Corps of His Imperial Majesty in 1914 and joined the House Guard Regiment.  His military career advanced and, at the end of the war, was the Captain of Cavalry and Commander of the 2nd Division.  After serving as the White Movement's 2nd Army Headquarters Chief of Operations he lived and worked in various European countries.  He emigrated to the United States in 1940 where he once again joined the fight against the Communists during WWII as a Director of the Tanker Department - British Ministry of War Transport.  


After the war ended, in response to the shameful repatriation policies, Mr. Belosselsky dedicated himself to Russian emigre affairs and founded the American Russian Aid Association (ARAA) to help Russian emigres establish themselves in the United States and other countries.  Prince Belosselsky’s wife, Svetlana Richardovna (nee Florence Crane) was his loyal and dedicated partner in defending Russian DPs (Displaced Persons) by supplying them with material aid, food, and clothing.  The Belosselskys established a number of old age homes, schools, Youth Groups, an employment agency, and were generous supporters of the Russian Church Abroad.  Prince Belosselsky died in New York in 1978.  


*Bio compiled from the 1965 book “In the Name of Russia” 

Paul Karassik
1968 - Founding President
Russian American Society - Otrada Inc.

Biography under development...

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